Length of the tour : ± 1 hour

Rain or snow, we run !

No refunds in case of cancellation less than 24hrs before the visit.

Small items (wallet, keys, phone, etc.) can be given to the guide.

Water is given by the guide.

Does Run & Visit Paris operate throughout the year?

Yes, we operate all year round, although we do not usually operate on Public Holidays and a few weeks during the Summer. Please email or call us in advance to check availability for your chosen date.

How do I pay for a tour?

First book a tour to check availability for your chosen tour, allowing (when possible) at least 24 hours advance booking to ensure availability.

After booking you will receive a confirmation e-mail including a link to pay online (you may also pay cash at the beginning of the tour) and with more information on where and when to meet for your chosen Tour.

You can also choose to pay cash directly to the guide at the beginning of the tour.

Do I have to book a tour in advance?

Yes, we ask for at least 24 hours’ notice, so that we can ensure availability of a guide.

If less notice is given, we will do our very best to arrange the chosen tour for you.

But please book your tour or contact us as soon as you are able.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years of age to participate in our tours. Exceptionally, teenagers may participate if they are experienced runners accompanied by a parent.

Where do I meet the guide and how will I identify the guide?

After booking you will receive an email with more information on where and when to meet for your chosen tour. There are designated meeting points :

  • Tour #1: Opera (in the middle of the stairs of the main entrance of the building)
  • Tour #2 & #3: Hôtel de Ville (north-west angle of the building, where the rue du Temple starts, close to the Underground entrance)
  • Tour #4 : Bastille (at the beginning of Saint-Antoine Street, west angle of the place, i.e. opposite the Bastille Opera — close to a café called “Café Français”)

For Customised Tours, we will agree with you in advance on a suitable starting point (which if mutually convenient can be the lobby of your hotel).

Your guide will be easily identifiable by his colored running T-shirt!

Anyway, if you are lost, just give a call : +33 (0)6 11 16 71 00.

What if I am late?

No problem. Please give a call: +33 (0)6 11 16 71 00.

How long is a tour?

For tours #1, #2 and #3, it takes about 1 hour (± 8 km). Tour #4 is about 1h15 because the length of the run is ± 10 km.

The time taken to complete each tour obviously depends on your pace. But don’t worry, you do choose your own pace and we make regular stops! And if we have to run more than 1 h, no worry, no charge, no stress…

What if it is raining or snowing, will the tour still go ahead?

Tours go ahead, rain or shine.

However, in very severe weather (to be determined by your guide) you will be offered to return at a later time or to postpone to another day. If we don’t find any agreement about a new day/time, you will have a complete refund.

Anyway, postponing the tour is only at the discretion of the guide and the tour will usually go ahead, even if it is raining.

What if I want to cancel my booking?

We offer a full refund on cancellations made at least 24hrs before the start of your tour.

Simply call us or email us within the required notice period and we will refund you by bank transfer.

Unfortunately no refunds can be given for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice, but please contact us as soon as you can and we will, whenever possible, offer you an alternative day or time.

What do I need for the tour?

Nothing special… Just your regular running shoes!

In case of rain, we can lend you a running waterproof jacket if you don’t have one.

What if I get thirsty while running?

You should take with you all you need on the tour.

Anyway your guide will have in his bag some water just for you…

What will I do with my belongings when running?

Your guide will run with a small runners backpack and will be able to carry small items for you such as wallets, keys, phone, small camera, etc. But if you want to keep them, of course that’s OK, especially if you bring your own backpack and you are used to run with it.

Please note that our guides cannot be held responsible for any damage to your belongings.

Can I take a camera?

Of course. But take a small one!

If you want, your guide will carry one in his backpack and will take all the pictures you want with it. He will send them to you by email

Anyway you will stop whenever you want on the tour to take pictures, this is up to you.